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An overview of my services for you

  • Expert and qualified translations
    for example of (business) contracts, web pages, company presentations, image brochures and
    advertising materials, technical texts and correspondence

  • Literary translations
    for example of tales, fairy stories and novels from China and Japan

  • Professional conference interpreting
    in detail: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, chuchotage
    (whisper interpreting), negotiations interpreting, among others at congresses, symposia, company presentations,
    business negotiations, technical visits, etc.

  • Reliable business initiating and door opening
    for which powerful networks and appropriate preparation are required. I can heip you realise
    your plans with my experience and my contacts.

  • Experienced support services for delegations and travellers
    for German delegations contentn China and accompanying Chinese delegations throughout Germany and Europe.

    I offer professional and expert translations in German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

    For example I translate 

  • (Business) contracts

  • Web pages

  • Company presentations

  • Image brochures/advertising material

  • Technical texts

  • and correspondence.

  • My translations are accomplished quickly and reliably.


    in accordance with the degree of difficuity
    (simple/medium/difficuit/very difficult)
    EUR 2.00/2.40/2.70/3.00 per standard line

    Remuneration as agreed for consulting and larger projects

    In addition, for various tasks 1 can make use of a team of suitable experts and partners who can provide
    me with advice and who work at various locations.