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The right words 
for good business.

The right words for good business

Confident on the big markets of the world China has established itself as a world market with a future: Not only playing a key role as a purchasing country, by 2015 China will be the country with the greatest spending power and one of the most important strategic sales markets. 

But: Even though China offers great opportunities – the hurdles may be just as great. In China, some things are handled under completely different auspices!

Thus communication – the „understanding“ among partners – plays a key role, communication is the crucial success factor.

At first sight, a world wide, common international business culture has developed with English as the joint language. However, below the language level there are “deeper layers” determined by the relevant culture which frequently lead to misunderstanding and problems in intercultural communication. Not only can one and the same word or term be used to transfer a completely different meaning, but there are also strong distinctions concerning the time and the way certain things are said.

To be aware of these facts is a decisive key for successful communication and these skills represent the actual competence of a translator and interpreter.
As Wilhelm von Humboldt said: “The differences of the languages is not the difference of sounds and signs, but the difference in worldviews“.