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Optimum interpretation is essential for effective communication with your partners and customers.

Depending on the kind of event and the number of participants I offer the following different methods of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpreting means that the spoken word is interpreted in real time – simultaneously – into a different language.

Consecutive interpreting is the best method for meetings of smaller groups. The interpreter notes down the contents of the speeches and interprets afterwards. However, it is also possible to interpret in sections.

Chuchotage is suitable if the interpreter interprets for not more than two listeners. The interpreter simultaneously “whispers” the interpretation “into the ears” of the listeners.

I support you with my language skills and as a consultant at congresses, symposiums, expert talks, podium discussions, lectures, company presentations, business negotiations, company visits, technical visits, visitor and delegation programs, press conferences, etc.

A team of congenial experts who advise me and are located at various places are available to me for the execution of different tasks.


Simultaneous EUR 250 per hour
Consecutive EUR 100 per hour

Remuneration as agreed for consulting and larger projects

In addition, for various tasks 1 can make use of a team of suitable experts and partners who can provide
me with advice and who work at various locations.