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Initiation of Business and Door Opening

This requires strong networking and appropriate preparation and includes coaching of decision makers, development of strategies and the integration of these strategies into the aggregate business plan. Not to be neglected are the particularities of business initiations with Chinese partners. 

My experience and contacts will support the implementation of your plans.

Confidence in the world's major markets

China has established itself as a global market with a future. lt not only plays a prominent role as a country of purchase, but in 2015 will be the country with the greatest purchasing power and one of the most important strategic sales centres.

But: while it is true that China offers great opportunities - the hurdies can be just as large. Because in China the signs are often quite different!

A lack of success is often caused by ignorance or errors of judgment, non-existent contacts with reliable partners, legal uncertainties and a lack of sensitivity for drastic differences in mentality.

Communication - how partners "understand" each other - plays a key role; it is the success factor absolute.