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Delegation and Travel Accompaniment

I support Chinese delegations in Germany and German delegations in China. Additionally I accompany business trips from Germany to China or from China to Germany.

Since I used to live and work in both China and Japan for several years, I was able to „look behind the scenes“ and gain valuable experience in dealing with the people and their culture.

For the German hosts it is often impossible to recognize the expectations of Chinese partners. For example, the behaviour of Chinese people visiting companies, attending fair presentations or otherwise cultivating business relations in Germany is completely different from what we are used to in business life. In China, the focus is on comprehensive hospitality – both in private and business life.

I will help you to make sure that your guests and partners feel at ease and to create a pleasant, friendly atmosphere without any misunderstandings. Furthermore, I also organize sight-seeing tours, (social) events, etc.

You can also count on me when you travel to China as a German business partner. I will help you to master unfamiliar situations, to act adequately and corresponding to the cultural background.

Speaking the same language

Optimal interpreting and translating, the precise transmission of a message, are indispensa-ble for success in business.

Knowledge of language is just the tip of the iceberg here: in every act of conversing a major part of the meaning remains implicit, unspoken and it is an essential task of the interpreter to detect allusions and omissions and to interpret them correctly.

The speaker's deeper intentions must be ascertained and the cultural background included, and the differences in the individual cultures have to be taken into account.

My name is Beate von Kessel M.A.
I am an interpreter and translator

and I want to support you in your international business and to contribute to your effective communication with your partners and customers throughout the world and to your success-ful establishment an the market.


Support services for delegations or travellers
EUR 600 per day

Remuneration as agreed for consulting and larger projects

In addition, for various tasks 1 can make use of a team of suitable experts and partners who can provide
me with advice and who work at various locations.